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Here at Furnished Apartments San Diego, we want to introduce you to a city full of beautiful scenery, sunny days, and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. San Diego is found on the southern-most corner of the California coastline. It is a city of varied neighborhoods, amazing sights, and a lively night scene. Those varied neighborhoods should truly give you an idea of just how different San Diego can be from one part to another.

La Jolla
A costal neighborhood just 15 minutes north of downtown, La Jolla is known for its beautiful beaches and 300-foot sea cliffs. Real estate is in high demand in this neighborhood, making it a tempting target for anyone seeking furnished apartments in San Diego. Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean can be seen from nearly every street corner. There are also plenty of art galleries, restaurants, and coffee bars to visit.

Anyone seeking short term rentals San Diego will want to give the Downtown area a look. Known best for its Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego’s Downtown offers restaurants, shopping, and a very lively nightclub scene. It is a neighborhood for folks of all ages, though younger people will probably appreciate the night scene a bit more.

Mission Valley
Mission Valley is a popular place for the shopping crowd. With two malls in the neighborhood, both residents and tourists flock to this neighborhood for their shopping needs. In addition, the neighborhood’s Hotel Circle is wall-to-wall hotels and resorts, making it an extremely popular tourist spot.

Mission Beach
Located along two miles of Pacific Ocean known as The Strand, Mission Beach is the perfect spot for those looking for a day at the beach. It is also a great place for anyone looking for furnished apartment in San Diego. In addition to offering a relaxing day in the, Mission Beach also offers a mellow, laid-back night scene.

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is a good neighborhood for dog lovers and those who want to get away from big business. The residents are known for protesting when someone tries to open a new Starbucks or fast food restaurant in the area. The dog beach provides an opportunity to take your dog out for a walk in a bright, sunny environment.

Del Mar
Someone looking for a San Diego short term rental may want to give Del Mar a try. Del Mar is an entertainment hub for San Diego, hosting the San Diego County Fair, the Del Mar Racetrack season, and many other yearly events. In addition, Del Mar has plenty of restaurants, beaches, and even professional polo fields to help give you plenty to do.

Real estate prices tend to be on the high side, but Coronado is a good place for anyone looking for San Diego furnished apartments. Coronado is only accessible either by ferry or by traveling over the Coronado Bridge. The business district in Coronado is thriving, resulting in a high standard of living among its residents. As such, you will find many top-tier restaurants, hotels, and entertainment hotspots in the area.

Carlsbad is an attractive neighborhood for nature lovers, with its sprawling flower fields and western oceanfront homes. In the eastern half of the neighborhood, you find more suburban developments. The combination of suburban and rural areas makes for a unique mix of residents.

If you are looking for short term rentals in San Diego, you might want to consider Encinitas. A family-friendly suburban feel is found on the eastern part of this neighborhood. Along the coast, you find more of an art and culture community beginning to take shape. The neighborhood offers a varied mix of restaurants, shopping and entertainment options.

One of the most striking elements to the Clairemont neighborhood is the high number of Asian restaurants, boba bars, and shopping malls that you find there. The Convoy Street area is lined with Korean restaurants and barbeque hotspots. You can also find a mini golf course and an arcade to keep you entertained.

Carmel Valley
Carmel Valley is one of the newest and fastest growing neighborhoods in San Diego’s North County area. It is just adjacent to and inland from the coastal town of Del Mar, which some call its sister city. This area has developed into a thriving and dynamic upscale community, and has seen the growth of both the commercial section with its many new industrial and office buildings, as well as the rapid development of several large suburban housing projects. It has very much become a family oriented area, and is a conveniently close commute to the downtown area.

Chula Vista
Vista is Spanish for “Beautiful City”. It is located about five miles south of Downtown San Diego, and about five miles north of the Mexican border and Tijuana. This area was originally known for its vast lemon groves, and was formerly the world’s largest producer of lemons. But that was long ago, and eventually the groves closed down and the land was converted to aircraft production and U.S. Naval shipyard facilities, which brought in more families and created the need for more residential construction. In recent years there’s been a lot of residential development in the Otay Valley and around the Otay Reservoir, and Chula Vista has grown over the years to become a nice middle class, family oriented community and a relatively affordable place to live.

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